Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are plots still available for purchase?
A. Yes, we have a large number of choice plots available in multiple sections.  Please contact the cemetery for availability and pricing.
Q. Do you have a cremation area?
A. Yes, we have a special cremation garden in addition to our regular burial plots. Please contact the cemetery for additional information and pricing.
Q. How can I find where a friend or loved one is buried?

A. Please contact the cemetery via phone or email and we will be happy to assist.  You may also research  This is one of the largest sources of publicly available cemetery records.

Q. Must someone be a member of Fee Fee church to purchase a plot or be buried in the cemetery?
A. The cemetery is open to anyone. Plots must be purchased and paid for prior to burial.
Q. How much do plots cost; and how expensive are burials?
A. We would be pleased to discuss your specific needs.  Please contact us to review options and pricing.
Q. Do you allow two internments in the same plot?
A. Yes, we can provide double-deep graves in many locations. Please contact the cemetery for additional details.
Q. Can multiple cremation burials be in the same cremation plot?
A. Ordinarily, there is one cremation burial per cremation plot.  However, we can allow up to two cremations (e.g. husband and wife) in the same cremation plot.
Q. Can cremations be placed on top of a regular grave?
A. Yes, we do allow cremations on top of occupied graves of family members. Please contact us for details.
Q. Are special containers for cremated remains, or can the ashes be spread on or in the ground?
A. We require the remains to be in an urn or other sealed container.
Q. Can burials be performed on a weekend or holidays?
A. We can perform burials Monday through Friday, on Saturday and most holidays. We do not perform burials on Sunday.
Q. What is Fee Fee Cemetery’s policy regarding flowers and decorations?
Q. What type of burial monuments or markers are allowed?
A. Please refer to our Monument Policy.