Fee Fee Cemetery is one of the oldest active cemeteries in the St. Louis area with its first burial in 1822.  It is located at 11210 Old St. Charles Road in Bridgeton, MO., on the southwest corner of Fee Fee Road and Old St. Charles Road.  It is a 12.86 acre site with over 4,000 interments.  It is owned and operated by the Fee Fee Cemetery Association, a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri.  Though its origin was as a churchyard, Fee Fee Cemetery is a nonsectarian cemetery.

Fee Fee Cemetery is a old and historic cemetery that is the final resting place for many of the early pioneers of the area.  Family names like Adams, Baldwin, Davis, Dix, Eache, Garrett, Martin, Murphy, Moke, McClure, Patton, Post, Payne, Quisenberry, Ritenior, Shumate, Thompson, and Utz can be found on monuments there.  Walking through the cemetery you will also find family names that are the names of streets throughout St. Louis County.  Some of these include:  Avery, Adie, Breckenridge, Brown, Howdershell, Lackland, Link, Long, Hanley, McKelvey, Wise and Walton.

Fee Fee Cemetery is also the final resting place for many military veterans.  There are graves of veterans from the American Revolution, War of 1812, Spanish American war, both World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam.  There are also veterans from the American Civil War, both Union and Confederate.  Also worth mentioning is the grave of Olive Marie Hennelly, a World War I veteran and one of the first woman members of the U.S. Navy that was not an auxiliary.

Today, the Fee Fee Cemetery is an active operating cemetery, offering graves sites for sale.  The Trustees are dedicated to operating and maintaining the cemetery in an orderly manner for many years to come.  Gravesites are available for purchase in the older section with above ground monuments, the Cremation Garden, and in the new section with flat monuments.